Artisan Flat Matte Sealer

Artisan Flat Matte Sealer

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Artisan Flat Matte Clear Sealer is a non-yellowing hardwearing acrylic clear matt coating. Ideal for sealing Artisan Natural Chalk Finish it is also excellent for providing a hardwearing protective topcoat in high traffic areas such as table tops. With its super matt finish it is ideal for sealing colour washes, rust finishes, and can also be used to seal in some tannins*. Artisan Flat Matte Sealer is tintable and may also be used as a decorative coating on its own to produce interesting effects, such as wood graining.

500ml bottle.

Matte finish.

How to use this product

Stir contents thoroughly before and during use with a broad, flat stirrer using an upward action. This disperses the mattifying agent that may settle out.  Can be applied with a brush, short napped roller, sprayer  or damp sponge.

Damp Sponge Applicator Method:  Using a lightly dampened applicator apply the sealer rubbing in to the surface and then finishing in long even stokes along the grain.  This method will not leave brush or roller marks.

Important note:  Apply one coat only  over  dark colours and instant rust. A second coat may leave a milky finish.

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