Austyle Architectural Hardware

The austyle philosophy demonstrates how good ideas become reality. Every austyle product is designed and manufactured with an emphasis on quality raw materials, practical functionality and unique designs.

Bankston. Finishes that connect.

A truly beautiful home embodies the history and personality of the people who not only live in it but also help create it, it becomes a part of their identity. We believe such environments can not be achieved without the finishing touches.

Castella - Fine Architecural Hardware

Globally sourced, locally curated. Be spoilt for choice with nine fine collections made up of eighty individual ranges featuring over 600 handles. Castella – the home of sophisticated and beautiful collections of architectural hardware.

Classic Electric Switch Co.

100% Australian made and owned. Providing the finest selection of period switches and accessories.

Pressed Tin Panels

Pressed Tin Panels specialises in the reproduction of the Wunderlich ceiling and wall panels, cornice and borders however, they need not be limited to a traditional look. Depending on their application and color panels can look extremely modern.

Superior Brass

Australian and European designed. With the combination of state of the art Italian CNC machinery and an emphasis on using quality raw materials, the finished product becomes an expression of excellence.


With more than thirty years in the architectural hardware industry we understand our customers desire perfection. That’s why we offer an array of distinct finishes to compliment any style, from minimalist to industrial, traditional to contemporary.

Zanda Architectural Hardware

Zanda is a family owned Australian company providing an unparalleled selection of genuine, superior, quality door furniture and accessories especially chosen to compliment the high standard of architecture found in today’s homes and buildings.
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