Peggy Cabinetry Knob

Peggy Cabinetry Knob

$30.00 inc. GST

Quality hand poured antique Brass Knobs that are the perfect accompaniment to any kitchen/cabinetry.

Designed by Little Swagger, these cabinet knobs will add a touch of luxe to your space. They are crafted from the highest quality brass and are the perfect finishing touch for your kitchen renovation project or DIY furniture upcycle.

Brass Ribbed Cabinetry Knob –

Peggy features:

  • Ribbed brass design
  • Lends itself to a Hamptons style kitchen
  • Crafted from solid, high-quality material
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • The perfect finishing touch for a new kitchen or DIY project
  • Created from the same material as all Little Swagger items to ensure consistency across products
  • Sold individually

Measurements: Knob / Pull

  • Ribbed Diameter – 28mm
  • Height – 32mm

Brass is renowned for its colour and beauty; however, it is also subject to some natural discolouration (patina) over time when exposed to the natural environment of a home or office. Little Swagger’s brass products are coated with a clear lacquer to extend the time before the aging process commences, however, even these lacquers have limitations and may wear over time depending on the environment and frequency of use, leading to a natural patina finish. Whilst the product will last a lifetime, the lacquered finish cannot be guaranteed unconditionally. Little Swagger’s Brass products are available in multiple finishes. Satin Brass is the classic gold tone prior to any aging or Patina commencing. Our Antique Brass products have had the aging process accelerated prior to the clear lacquer being applied for an antique / aged finish.


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