Eco Dyeing with Indigo Daze

Eco Dyeing with Indigo Daze


Saturday 5th June

10am – 3pm

It’s hard to explain the wonder of a bundle being unrolled after it comes out of the iron pot. There is no way to predict how a piece of fabric, gathered leaves, water, iron and heat are going to react together.

It is a fun way to make unique scarves, decorate fabric for sewing projects and for upcycling found thrift shop items. It can even be done in an old billy, milo tin can, or camp oven over a fire.

Eco-Dyeing only works with natural fibres such as silk, wool, linen and 100% cotton.

In this workshop we will learn how to:

  • Create a shawl, poncho or infinity scarf out of silky merino, and decorate it with eucalyptus and other gathered leaves.
  • Set up the eco-dye pot and learn about which leaves to choose for best results.
  • Hand Stitch, Sashiko Style, a Japanese Origami Tote Bag, or a furoshiki carrying bag, to dye at home.
  • If time, make silk string from scraps.



Hi I’m Jenny Frappell. Secondary School Art Teacher. Print Maker from my home studio, Duck Print Fine Art Studio, Port Kembla. Textile Hobbyist: Fabric design, ‘Shibori’, Eco dyeing and fabric stamping.

Find me on Instagram @indigodzeart


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